Thursday, September 22, 2005

Biometric Myths

Biometric Myths: Six Of The Best
by Russ Davis

CEO of ISL Biometrics - Tuesday, 13 July 2004.
It is probably the hottest sector in the security field today. Yet the biometrics industry, which produces human-based identification systems, is weighed down with claims and counterclaims, fallacies and myths. While some of the myths are no doubt based on an element of historical or scientific truth, some are now so out of date or inaccurate that they are almost laughable...

Monday, September 12, 2005

The BITE project

BITE aims to prompt research and to launch a public debate on bioethics of biometric technology. The number of biometric devices in use in Europe has jumped from 8,550 in 1996 to more than to 150,000 in 2004 and biometric industries revenues are expected to more than triple in the next two years. “Biometrics seem headed for dramatic growth in the next few years. But calm, public discussion of their benefits and drawbacks has been lamentably lacking” (The Economist, Prepare to be scanned, Monday December 8th 2003). The BITE project aims to launch such a discussion. The BITE project offers a unique combination of academic centres, industries and international organisations with the aim to help industry and researchers to confront ethical issues that arise in biometrics. The project is coordinated by Prof. Emilio Mordini, director of the Centre for Science, Society and Citizenship (Rome).